Imagine my Stories for Peace
This is a set of five stories written for the IMAGINE PEACE Youth Camp of the International Olympic Truce Centre. The Youth Camp, hosted annually at the premises of the International Olympic Academy in ancient Olympia, addresses the issues of Peace, Olympic Truce, Respect for Diversity, and Conflict Resolution, and it is supported by the UN Office of Sport for Development and Peace (UNODP).

Stories, myths, legends and fables in all societies and at all times have the power in shaping people’s values, behaviours and morals. Sharing images through storytelling transcends the pure form of an artistic expression and becomes a conveyor of life skills, ideals and shared norms. I wrote these stories not with an intention to teach. I do not want to guide. I do not want to instruct what is right and what is wrong. I wrote these stories with an intention to learn. I want to learn the endless possibilities of self-exploration. How thinking and feeling about a world of peace is a nurturing way for creating peace.

Below is the first story of the book…Let’s Vote for the Moon!



Let’s vote for the Moon!




I was walking down the street, didn’t think of anything.
Empty hands, wasn’t holding a thing.
To keep me company, I stole the moon
Its golden shine would light up the night soon.

Like a medallion on a string, I wore it.
I folded it in four, and hid it in my pocket
This moon is mine, I mean it
I don’t want anyone to steal it.




“Look what I found and brought down from the sky
Tied up with a string, forever it’s mine!”
Mum and Dad couldn’t hide how curious they were,
They gave me a terribly surprised stare!

I unwrapped it with care
And pinned it in my hair.
My mother said with the strictest tone:
“You must take it back to where it belongs!”

Everything about the moon was so enchanting
It couldn’t be more pretty and inviting!
I tied it up on a tree,
There for everyone to see.

The locals came from all around.
As soon as they saw it, they started to shout!
Half of them said I should set it free,
Let it up in the sky for the whole world to see –
The other half said it should stay right there,
As its light was so, but so very rare!

I climbed up high, high on the tree,
With the people around, so they could see me.
With no shouting and fuss, we have to decide
What for the moon would be right.




Each one’s opinion will equally count:
Should we keep the moon on the ground?
Cut a piece of the string if you want it free;
If you want it here, just let the string be.

As soon as we have all the votes,
We will know if the moon stays or goes,
If it leaves for the sky
Where it isn’t so shy.

Time passes, the citizens vote.
The string keeps getting shorter, the moon finally goes:
It finds its way up high in the sky
Where the lonely stars could do nothing but cry.

All the citizens took that decision together:
About this, they’d be happy forever.
Voting was fun and simple and right
So the citizens partied and partied all night!




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