Greek Folk Dances

Dancing is a key component of the Greek identity from ancient to contemporary times. Folk dance especially has played a central role in constructing national and ethnic identity in Greece. It has always been a medium of expression in community life such as social gatherings, religious festivities and rites of passage. In its practices we can unpack cultural, political and religious discourses.

“Since my early childhood I learnt how to dance folk dances, performed them on stage in theatrical performances and later qualified as an instructor. In the UK I always volunteered to teach folk dances to Greek and non-Greek university students. This was an activity, which transcended my love for dance. Rather it was a need to construct through dance an “imagined community” away from homeland. Folk dance after all is highly significant in the everyday production and maintenance of collective identities.

I also research dance. I am a member of the Scientific Dance Association Hellas and a member of the scientific committee of their relevant research journal.”

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