“First I thought of constructing a personal site to showcase my academic work, more like a platform for sharing and exchanging information. But then I realised that my academic and personal experiences are intertwined and embodied into a series of discourses of living, exploring, connecting, sharing, storytelling and dancing; these express the essence of who I am.”

Thus this site presents a series of discourses that reflect the sequences, signs and enouncements of my experience(s). They are named “Olympic discourses” as they are heavily “Olympic” due to my academic and personal attachment to the values of Olympism, the philosophy underpinning the modern Olympic Games. They are composed of semiotic sequences between and among objects, subjects, and statements. With this site my intention is to communicate them and trigger further discursive formations.

The titles of the discourses and the photos that accompany them allow the reader to assign and communicate their own relations, enouncements, and abstract constructs.


For most of the photos used in this site I would like to warmly thank Stratos Safioleas who generously offered them from his personal collection. Stratos is not a professional photographer but a world traveller, a creative mind and a professional expert with a remarkable experience as an International Media Adviser within and beyond sport.

For the financial support in building this site, I would like to thank the European Commission for the excellent Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship funding scheme. My thanks are also extended to the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece and more specifically to the Regional Development Institute, for all the administrative and scientific support to complete my fellowship, part of which was also the creation of my site.

Finally, my good friend and colleague Thanos Karagrounas played a key role in helping me to develop new ideas and thoughts about the meaning and value of this site not so much professionally but more for me as a person. Last but not least, many thanks to the team from Umbrella Branding, Nikos, Kostas and Babis, for their professionalism and creativity in helping me complete olympic-discourses.com